Vol.9, No.1 | [Article] Interactions between Persian and Andalusian Muslim Scholars



Almost eight hundred years of religious and intellectual developments in
Persia and Andalusia (Iberian Peninsula) bear testimony to the fact that scholars
and experts in both the eastern and western sides of the Muslim world have set
in motion different currents of thought and transmitted them to the other side.
Fields of study popular in the east at the time, which dealt with the Holy Quran,
tradition (Hadiths), literature, philosophy, Islamic theology (Kalām) and Sūfism
would find their way to the western regions, including Andalusia, in the form of
cultural and religious products as well as educational services, and would
influence people along with scholars there.

This article merely reviews interactions between Andalusian scholars and
their counterparts in Persia in the field of Hadith (the Tradition of the Prophet
Mohammad) during the Andalusian era (711–1492 CE). The survey also sheds
light on how religious knowledge circulated across North Africa to Andalusia
from the east to the west and vice versa from the outset to the end of the fifteenth century (1492 AH). It is a qualitative library survey containing
materials which have been compiled from reliable books and magazines which
have been categorized and logically analysed.