Vol.10, No.2 | [Article] Interfaith Dialogue in Jordan Bridging the Gap between Christianity and Islam



This paper examines Jordan’s strategy for its religious rapprochement movement, focusing on the conduct of the royal family, especially King Abdullah II and Prince Ghazi. Some advantages to the religious rapprochement policies led by the king and royal family of Jordan are their use as foundations of religious authority and political legitimacy, as established by their sacred lineage, and their performance as the ‘guardian(s) of Jerusalem,’ and the ‘birthplace of Christianity.’ Using these cultural and historical resources, Jordan is leading the initiative to foster interfaith dialogue, especially between Islam and Christianity. This study shows how Jordan tries to establish its authority and legitimacy through its religious rapprochement movement, and how its rapprochement policy relates to and stands on this foundation. By surveying the religious rapprochement movement as a whole, this paper clarifies the originality of Jordan’s religious strategy and of Jordan’s legitimacy.

Keyword : Interfaith Dialogue, Jordan, Hashemite, Jerusalem, Baptism Sight