Vol.12, No.1 | [Article] A Governance Framework for Syrian Refugees in Italy: Social Integration and Cultural Assimilation



This paper aims to discuss and analyze the main causes and consequences of the influx of Syrian refugees into Italy, with respect to social integration and the issue of cultural assimilation. The main issues in this study are 1) the possibility of refugees returning home due to changes in the situation of Syria; 2) refugee registration and finance in refugee camps; 3) the entry routes and flows of refugees to Italy; 4) distribution to secondary settlements from the initial entry point. The author derives policy implications from the analysis of the challenges and risks for refugees in the Lampedusa, Mare Nostrum, Triton, and Sophia rescue programs.
Italian society is concerned about the spread of migrant Syrian refugees, with their Arab culture and Islamic faith, who are not ready for social integration into the local community. The governance of refugees in Italy is vulnerable due to the lack of manpower for border controls, refugee registration facilities, the police and interpreters. This paper identifies not only the problems of the government budget for refugees and the issue of forced repatriation to Syria, but also the lack of unified EU regulations on the acceptance and relocation of refugees, and disagreements about these matters.

Keyword : Syrian refugees, Italy, Lampedusa, Social Integration, Cultural Assimilation