Vol.14,No.1 | [Article] A Comparative Study of Convivencia in Medieval Sicily and Al-Andalus



Sharing the same conditions of being a part of Christian European lands conquered by Muslims, Sicily and Spain are good examples for a comparative study on Muslim and Christian rule. The similarity between Medieval Sicily and Al-Andalus can be seen as both being major crossroads for Islamic Civilization to Europe while being under Muslim rule for a long period. In addition, the similarity can be seen in the final re-conquest of both of them by Christian monarchs changing the majority of the population from Muslims to Christians.
The religious diversity of the population of both Sicily and Spain after they were being conquered by the Muslims in Medieval times made the topic of Convivencia one of the important related fields of research. In this study, we will try to investigate the similarities and differences between medieval Sicily and Spain regarding the Convivencia between Muslims and Christians.