Vol.2, No.2 | [Articles] The Mediterranean and its Literary Imagination: Sicily and Beyond




Through the popular and artistic images of the Mediterranean it is possible to retrieve many writers voices , describing the mare nostrum from many points of view. The chant of aedo cieco follows Ulysses misadventures; the real setting of Lipari or Acitrezza narrates the hard work of merchants and fishermen, just like in the second novella of the quinta giornata in Boccaccio s Decameron and in Verga s Malavoglia. Mythology is also retrieved, involving the sea surface and the underwater creatures living there (mermaids and dolphins, Venuses and monsters). This is the case of Tomasi di Lampedusa and Stefano D Arrigo. Also, there is the suggestive set of writings on sea mythology. The sea is considered as the cradle of western civilization, up to the 20th century (Saba and Quasimodo). The anxiety of departure, through a hostile and dangerous sea, is another famous theme in Foscolo: Similar and opposite at the same time is the image of the Mediterranean as a cross separating people from their native land and a site where childhood memories can find a place (Brancati). Many Mediterranean Seas are described in the metaphoric sea chant tuned by many artists of Southern Europe.

Keywords : Mediterranean, etymology, poetry, fiction, Italy