Vol.3, No.1 | [Book Review] Une Tutelle Coloniale : Le Mandat français en Syrie et au Liban. Écrits politiques de Robert de Caix



Gérard D. Khoury presents here certain important political writings of Robert de Caix de Saint Aymour (1869-1970). He was Secretary-General and deputy of the first French High Commissioner to Syria, General Henri Gouraud during the crucial years of the formation of the French Mandate (1919-1923), and from 1924-39 acted as French Representative to the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations in Geneva. It was Robert de Caix, more than other person, who designed the policy pursued by France in Syria until the end of the Mandate. Thus an examination of his life and writings is clearly illuminating in this regard.

Keywords : Book Review