Vol.4, No.2 | [Article] Spatial Influence in the Meeting of Poet-Poetry and the Language of Cities




Metin Turan, a contemporary Turkish poet, has concentrated on the relationship between the poet and space in his works. In his poetry collections entitled ‘Suları Islatan Mecnun’ and ‘Sokaklar Kentler Ülkeler’ (Streets Cities Countries) he deals, especially, with spatial considerations and tries to find a meaning for human existence and life. While Turan presents us with a different spatial conception, he manages, also, to establish a strong link between the poet and his poetry by the poetic use of the city language that he has created. The space in which we live is an indicator of our identities. It provides clues relating to ourselves and has an undeniable role in the development of our personalities. This work concentrates on how Turan deals with space in his two poetry collections, and the poetic urban language, created, by Turan, will be analyzed in the meeting of poet-poetry.

Keywords : Metin Turan, Poetry, Space, Identity, Environment *