Vol.4, No.2 | [Book Review] Henkakuki no Ejiputo Shakai: Maigureeshon, Shuugyou, Hinkon (The Egyptian Society in Transition: Migration, Employment, and Poverty) Iwasaki, Erina, 2009, Tokyo: Shoseki Koubou Hayayama,…




The “rural-urban dichotomy” was long regarded as a frame of reference, which became a basic index in modern statistics. The rapid and lasting urbanization, however, has transformed the physical and epistemological landscape on a global scale and thus requires a serious revision of this conception. This book’s author, Erina Iwasaki, a young and enterprising scholar working at Kyoritsu Women’s University, Japan, participates in this challenge with her elaborate quantitative analysis of the sources and documents of contemporary Egypt. By exploring the Egyptian rural and urban space, Iwasaki questions older arguments and tries to create new concepts matching unprecedented realities.

Keywords : Book Review