Vol.7, No.1 | [Articles] Horse, Bow and Arrow – A Comparison between the Scythian Impact on the Mediterranean and on Eastern Middle Europe




An often discussed group of artefacts are the so-called “Scythian arrowheads” – small three-winged arrowheads with a shaft, sometimes with barb, cast in bronze. Finds in large quantities are known from the Northern Pontic, today’s Ukrainian and Russian territories, Asia Minor, the Near East, Eastern Middle Europe and the Greek mainland. Considering their widespread distribution, researchers were often sceptical concerning their value for answering cultural-historic or chronological questions. New research shows that the “Scythian arrowheads” especially can be used as a tool for reconstructing historical events. In this article the finds of Scythian arrowheads from Greece and from Eastern Middle Europe will be highlighted to discuss the varying connections between the different regions in the Early Iron Age.

Keywords : Scythians, Arrowheads, Early Iron Age, Greece, Northern Pontic