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155 Vol.15, No.1 [Article] The Dynamics of Supply-Side Factors in the Arab Countries: 1991-2019 (Dasol Noh) 첨부 103
154 Vol.15, No.1 [Article] Women’s Third Prison: Adaptation and the Gendered Image-Nation of Egyptian Women (in) Cin… 첨부 35
153 Vol.15, No.1 [Article] Uncloistering the Nuns: Reflexions on How to Prevent the University from Becoming another … 첨부 34
152 Vol.15, No.1 [Article] The Circular Model of Existence Reflected on Writings of the Akbarian Sufis in the Ottom… 첨부 38
151 Vol.15, No.1 [Article] Tatar Slaves in Late Fourteenth Century Florence (Jong Kuk Nam) 첨부 39
150 Vol.14, No.2 [Article] Syrian Refugees in the U.K.: Their Songwriting Workshop and Social Integration 첨부 975
149 Vol.14, No.2 [Article] China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative Strategy in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Cypriot … 첨부 411
148 Vol.14, No.2 [Article] Folk Song and Islamic Ritual Music: Sorrow of Mersiye in Alevi-Bektaşi 첨부 444
147 Vol.14, No.1 [Article] The Global Perception on the Three Great Cuisines in the World: Focused on the exploration… 첨부 1674
146 Vol.14,No.1 [Article] An Unspoken Agreement - The Demise of Arab-Jewish Culture and Identity 첨부 680
145 Vol.14,No.1 [Article] Eighteenth-century Neapolitan anticurialism The example of Damiano Romano 첨부 605
144 Vol.14,No.1 [Article] Optimal Variations of Organizational Culture in Arab Markets: Comparative Analysis of Tuni… 첨부 649
143 Vol.14,No.1 [Article] A Comparative Study of Convivencia in Medieval Sicily and Al-Andalus 첨부 655
142 Vol.14,No.1 [Article] The Feminist Movement in Post Ottoman Egypt - Revisiting the Contributions of non-Muslim 첨부 642
141 Vol.13, No.2 [Article] Critiquing Liberal Peacebuilding in Libya 첨부 2495
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