Introduction to Mediterranean Review

Introduction to Mediterranean Review

Mediterranean Review 


 Mediterranean Review (ISSN 2005-0835)

Issued by the Institute for Mediterranean Studies (IMS) in Busan, South Korea, is the official journal of the Asian Federation of Mediterranean Studies Institutes (AFOMEDI) and the Association of History, Literature, Science and Technology (AHLiST). Originally and still concerned with the classical region of the Mediterranean Sea between the Strait of Gibraltar and the Levant, the MR aims to widen the scope of Mediterranean Studies by publishing academic articles on the diverse Mediterraneans distributed all around the world including the Baltic Sea, the Yellow Sea, the Red Sea or the Caribbean Sea area. 

We welcome the submission of articles that deal with all fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences as well as Science and Technology Studies in relation to a Mediterranean setting.

A special emphasis is on the past and present modes of interactions and exchanges in one of the global  Mediterraneans.