Vol.11, No.1 | [Article] Mediterranean Poetics in Roviros Manthoulis’ Documentary Films



In this article, a selected corpus of the Greek filmmaker Roviros Manthoulis’ works created in France and Greece in 1973-1998 is co-examined.
Drawing from the director’s own philosophy, which emphasizes both the poetical and political aspects of the art of cinema, discussion revolves around representations of various Mediterranean cultures in his films, and ways in which these representations are manifested, mainly through editing strategies.
The notion of poetics in the article, apart from referring to both ancient and contemporary ways of ‘poein’/ creating a text, is extended to contexts of screening, circulation and reception. Identity construction issues and cross-cultural media and other practices as they emerge from the work of a prolific filmmaker are also co-examined.

Keyword : Manthoulis, Mediterranean, Documentary Film, Television