Vol.15, No.2 | [Article] Islamic Pre-Revival in China with the Impact from Egypt_ Case Study of Ma Jian and his works



Since the late 1970s, the tide of Islamic revival movements has swept across the world, bringing a profound impact on Muslims living in not merely core Islamic lands but also peripheral areas. Such Islamic revival movements also emerged in China after the 1980s, when religious activities were legally sanctioned. However, if looking with a retrospective on five decades, it can be found that it was not until the 1980s but ever since the beginning of the 20th century that was the symptom of Islamic revival by Chinese Muslims vaguely present. This paper then focuses on this early stage of Islamic revival in China and tries to elucidate the influential complexion from Egypt, by focusing on an overseas student Ma Jian and his works. Ultimately, this paper concludes that while the patriotic moves of early 20th-century Muslim intellectuals were frequently spotlighted these days, in fact generally their activities were nothing static but rather rich in diversity.