Vol.2, No.1 | [Articles] The use of Remigius commentary on Donatuss Ars minor in a Carolingian parsing grammar Magnus quae uox?



Magnus quae uox? is a Carolingian parsing grammar written in the tenth or the eleventh century. It is a commentary on Donatus s Ars maior and Ars minor, but is presented in the form of parsing questions and answers. Among the sources of Magnus quae uox? the use of Priscian s Institutiones grammaticae and the commentaries on Donatus s works by the scotti peregrini and Remigius of Auxerre is prominent. In particular, the use of Remigiu s commentary on Donatus s Ars minor is significant in that Magnus quae uox? follows closely Remigius s style of commentary. Remigius s commentary on Donatus s Ars minor is different in style from the other commentaries used in Magnus quae uox? in that it retains the question and answer form of Donatus s text. The classroom like way of presentation seemed to have appealed to the author of Magnus quae uox? who was constructing his grammar using questions and answers.