Vol.16, No.2 | [Article] Moroccan Foreign Policy Towards Palestine and Israel (1948-2020)



Morocco’s connection with Al-Quds goes back hundreds of years. In the times of the Crusades, Morocco sent its troops to support King Salah Eddine Al- Ayoubi during his war with Christians. In post-independence Morocco, a new environment arose with the occupation of Palestine and the declaration of the state of Israel. In the aftermath of Al-Aqsa Mosque fire in 1969, and in a complicated regional environment, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) was established. Among the permanent committees of the newly born organization was the Al-Quds Committee, which has been chaired by Morocco since 1979. Using a qualitative analytical methodology, this paper aims to analyze the position of Al-Quds in Moroccan foreign policy, and to what extent the Abrahamic Agreements, through which Morocco signed a trilateral agreement with the US and Israel, have influenced this position.