Vol.3, No.1 | [Articles] Discovering the Diversities of Indonesian Islam in Contemporary Cairo: The Case of the Indonesian Azharis’ Community




This paper tries to clarify activities of the Indonesian Azharis in contemporary Cairo focusing on (1) the interactions within the Indonesian communities and (2) their relationships with Egyptian society. Though hundreds of students from Indonesia has been flowing into the Azhar university little has been written on this issue. The paper clarified that (1) Indonesian students were reproducing their Indonesian lifestyles within the regional organizations. These geographic divides, however, were overcame by some extracurricular activities: publishing the periodics and discussions. Through these activities the students recognized diversities of Indonesian Islam. Simultaneously the paper depict that (2) while the majority of the students were weak to adapt with environment of Cairo, some students were willing to communicate with the society. It can be pointed out that both experiences fostered their nation identity as Indonesian. It is in Cairo that Indonesian students recognize the diversities of Indonesian Islam and enhance their national identity.

Keywords : Diversities, Indonesian Islam, Studying Abroad, Azhar University in Cairo, Area Studies