Vol.4, No.1 | [Book Review] The Sea Peoples and Their World: A Reassessment




The Sea People, an epithet used by the ancient Egyptians, and their movement brought powerful impact on throughout the Mediterranean basin. The process of their movement and settlement on Sicily to the west and Anatolia, Cyprus and Philistia to the east has drawn a great deal of scholar’s attention. When, where and how questions related to them have been raised and scholars tried to give the answers. Due to the relative scarcity of documentary evidence on them, scholars paid attentions to the archaeological remains left during those processes. In 1980’s, Trude Dothan firstly published her masterpiece on the Philistine’s material culture (1982) and a synthetic research on them was published by Brug (1985). Since then, we have had to wait long for a significant book, Mediterranean People in Transition (Gitin, Mazar and Stern: 1998) and the volume under current review which includes seventeen articles dealing with the textual, historical and archaeological evidences on the Sea People.

Keywords : Book Review