Vol.6, No.2 | [Articles] Away from Home: Ancient Greek Colonization Seen as a Migratory Process




The article aims to investigate the phenomenon of the so-called Greek colonization within the Mediterranean, beginning in the 8th century BC, from a neutral angle as a migration process. A framework for the identification of migrations in prehistoric or early historical contexts developed by S. Burmeister and based upon the synthesis of several studies dealing with migration movements is applied to the concrete case of Greek colonization in Sicily. It can be demonstrated that a number of commonly discussed aspects of the phenomenon are readily understandable through comparison with frequently occurring migration patterns. Moreover the application of the framework highlights those research fields which need more attention in order to understand the movement in all its depth. Furthermore the observation of the Greek migration through the applied framework makes it clear that essential information will not be found in the destination area but in the region and society from where the movement started.

Keywords : Greek colonization, migration, Sicily, Early Iron Age, Greece