Vol.8, No.1 | [Article] The Tunisian Media Revisited: The Formation and Reformation of an Authoritarian System



The aim of this paper is to sketch briefly the state of Tunisian media before, during, and after the Jasmine Revolution. The situation of the Tunisian media
has changed drastically in step with the country’s socio-political transformation. Ben Ali utilised the media as a powerful tool for spreading his policies, while
preventing citizens from criticising him and his family or disputing his political legitimacy. However, when the revolution emancipated Tunisian citizens from
authoritarian rule, the situation changed. Since late 2010, when the demonstrations began, the media is believed to have played an important role in
spreading political messages, rallying the masses, and attracting considerable attention from all over the world. This paper offers a snapshot of the Tunisian
media in a state of transition, and attempts to outline the formation and reformation of the authoritarian media system in Tunisia.

Keywords: Tunisia, media, Jasmine Revolution, media reform, private broadcasters